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Anthony's World
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Its like a drama they say...

On a cold night in Flint Michigan on April 24th 1988, a boy named Anthony Recce' Goforth came to this world who preceded on to be a young man used on by the Lord...  In the summer of 1996 The Goforth Family went through with a move to Southern Illinois... In a village of 15,000 people with a UPC Church which the father became the Assistant Pastor of under the direction of Rev. Joey McKinnies and Bishop Charles Mitchell - In the Fall of August 19th 2002, Anthony lost something close to his heart, Alyssia Danae' Vacada to a car crash on Highway 51 at 4:39 p.m. God Rest her soul. Anthony finally moved on and met an awesome person who later on in life became close to him... Hannah Renyolds


th y e e’

Anyone who can kneel before God can stand before anyone...