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Anthony's World
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A shout out

This is a shout out to all my friends and if your not in this list I might have forgot sorry...

Anthony - I love you man, your a good friend
Brandon - Dude what can I say but awesome and Holy
Hannah - Baby I love you forever and ever
Holly - Your my girl, Im yo shady flip flop sista
Sis. McKinnies - Your not just my leader your my friend, I Love You
Uncle Joe - Thanks for being there
Meatball and Butkus - Your my dogs, No for real
Curtis ( hannahs cousin ) - Thanks for understanding
Mom and Dad - I Love You guys
Josh and Tonya Coleman - I couldnt live with out you, My youth pastor
Skuf Memebers- John, Dagin, Brice, Aaron, Todd, Alex- Best Band 2004
Bishop - Thanks for the words of advice
Pastor - My Mentor
Josh - Your my pal
Brandi - My Camp hottie
Felica - My groupie
Amy - My friend my care taker my baby

When you have said all that you can, three words can say all you can't...

I love you...

th y e e’

Anyone who can kneel before God can stand before anyone...